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Event Lead Capture Solution

Onsite coordination and lead capture can be extremely challenging for field marketers if they don’t have the right tools in place. Often times, corporate or industry events use different devices which can make capturing lead data a burdensome task for field marketers. Without the ability to capture this data, it can lead to low conversion rates due to a lack of context or follow-up actions, lost business cards or unrecorded contact info, and delayed event lead retrieval.

AtEvent’s platform allows field marketers to scan leads from iOS or Android devices, qualify with custom topics, and set follow-up actions. All of the data is passed from atEvent, including contact information and qualifiers for immediate nurture and follow-up inside Marketo’s Engagement Platform.

Field Marketing can now complete booth set up, resource training and demo testing to execute a flawless event without lead scanner worries. With AtEventMarketing Ops can be equipped with key qualifiers and follow-up actions for personalized nurture campaigns or sales hand-off.Sales are now aware of targeted accounts that stopped by the booth and are armed with context to have an immediate follow-up conversation with qualified leads.

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