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FatStax is a simple, yet powerful branded mobile sales app and content delivery tool for your product collateral.


What is FatStax?

FatStax is a simple yet powerful branded mobile sales app and content delivery tool for your product collateral. it enables your sales team to quickly and easily share the most relevant product information during their sales discussions, accelerating the buying process and closing more sales.

• Branded with your company's look and feel
• Fast offline search
• Easy updating from web-based content manager

How does FatStax work?

Your sales team loads the fatstax app onto their ipads and downloads their catalog from the web-based content manager. With just a couple of taps, easily search for and share the products and collateral that prospects need in real time. Simply use the secure content manager to update products and your team downloads the new information.

• Invite team members to download your branded app
• Update products and collateral as often as you like
• Start using your app within 4 weeks

Who uses FatStax?

Sales people, marketers, service technicians, and executives alike take advantage of the ability to search through 1000's of assets on their ipad and use them instantly. Any company from any industry can benefit from using FatStax. Some examples are:

• A life science company selling 10,000+ products
• A dental company selling services with 1000's of pdfs and videos
• A food manufacturer capturing leads at trade shows with 5000+ products

If your company wants to use iPads to easily and securely deliver relevant collateral to customers in the field, FatStax is for you.

What do you get when you use fatstax?

Online content manager
• Securely manage your users, documents & collateral
• Web-based access to analytics & usage data
• Instant updates that appear on your teams' ipads across the world

Branded iPad App
• Search offline for products and collateral
• Present pdfs, powerpoints, videos, and product specs
• Capture and send prospect and customer information instantly to your crm

Customer Service
• Help build your catalog and brand your app
• Updates on new features for your selling process
• Providing answers for your sales and support teams

Team Training
• Best practices for selling with an ipad
• Integrating Fatstax within your sales process
• Launch day training with the sales team


Marketers like you rely upon email and websites to distribute marketing collateral and initiate lead nurturing campaigns. This method neglects the daily interaction field teams have with prospects on site and at trade shows.

The FatStax mobile platform delivers a solution to arm sales reps and field marketers with the most up-to-date collateral wherever they roam. This enterprise mobility platform can now be coupled to Marketo through a direct and easy-to-implement integration.

With FatStax on your iPads and Marketo in the cloud, sales and marketing teams can:

  • Send marketing collateral directly to prospects from the field
  • Capture this "interesting moment" in Marketo
  • Initiate a lead nurturing campaign live and in person

Your team will be able to send e-brochures, videos, PowerPoints, datasheets, and detailed product descriptions to customers with their iPads and you will capture all the relevant actions directly in Marketo for your lead nurture campaigns. From Marketo, interesting moments can be logged as activities to leads, accounts, and contacts in Salesforce.com and other CRM systems.

The integration takes less than 1 hour to setup and, the FatStax team can create a custom-branded iPad App in about a week.

Contact us via the Marketo LaunchPad link above or give us a call at 800-734-7750 to learn more.

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