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Fathom has pioneered Marketo as an Engagement Platform model while bringing revenue science to the art of nurture marketing.


Fathom has been a premier partner of Marketo for over three years. Our core mission is to create a singular, integrated experience for our clients and their customers through actionable, data-driven strategies aligned to each client's primary business goals. Our decisions and recommendations are based on data, not opinions. We don’t make assumptions on the best course of action, we allow research to sharpen our focus and prioritize our efforts.

Fathom isn't just an implementation vendor. We partner with innovative marketers to unleash the power of Marketo and help them communicate as effectively as possible with their audience.  We build trust and deepen relationships with our clients by exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

 As your partner, we'll help you:

  • Connect your email execution to your business and marketing strategy
  • Fully leverage the top marketing automation platform in the industry
  • Understand your database to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Every time. 

See how we can unleash the full potential of your business through our assessment & strategy, managed services, and project-based packages. 


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