FastCall Phone Sales Productivity

By FastCall

FastCall passes phone sales data to Marketo to add to your lead score. Time to contact and phone sales productivity improves.


FastCall is the highest-rated phone sales and support suite in the Salesforce AppExchange.

FastCall is an outbound dialing and inbound call tracking application that logs and scores your sales phone calls, leverages phone data for deeper sales analytics. FastCall integrates with Marketo inside Salesforce.

With FastCall, your end customers get more timely service; marketing has the phone data needed to improve time to contact and phone sales productivity improves for the sales team.

FastCall has connected over 1 million phone calls for clients seeking to increase phone sales productivity and connect phone sales data to marketing. Sales and marketing professionals rate FastCall five stars and rely on FastCall for efficient communications with their clients and prospects.

FastCall is native to Salesforce, with phone contact data passing to Marketo via the API.


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