FameBit - YouTube Influence Marketing

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FameBit connects Brands with YouTube influencers to create original video content that is shared with millions of engaged viewers on YouTube.
Main Features
  • Videos starting at $100
  • Choose The Perfect Stars
  • Grow Your Customers

FameBit is a self-service marketplace that connects Brands to YouTube influencers. Making it super easy for Brands and marketers to find, hire, and work with influential YouTube content creators for product and service endorsements.

Videos Starting @ $100

YouTube Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Brands can set their own per video budgets which starts at $100 per video.

Choose The Perfect Stars

FameBit allows Brands to select the best Stars for their brand, view their proposals, profiles, and channel stats prior to hiring.

Grow Your Customers

From product reviews to hauls to tutorials, FameBit allows Brands to get videos that drive views, engage the viewers and spread passion.