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Acquire new customers at scale by rewarding your existing customers. Extole’s platform powers referral programs for the world’s top brands.


Customize, optimize, & scale referrals to power lead generation and customer acquisition.
Extole’s referral marketing platform helps marketers build and scale a complete, end-to-end customer acquisition channel by initiating, tracking, and optimizing referrals. Extole programs let marketers shape the consumer experience by customizing what, how, and when people share, across multiple brand- and product-level campaigns. Your customers can refer leads to you from your website and on mobile, email, social media, and more. Extole helps you publicize the referral opportunity nearly anywhere: on the most-trafficked areas of your site, in your email streams, even inside your product. Our customers routinely generate 5 - 15% of their acquisition through referrals. Top performers acquire nearly 40% of their customers.

Segment and analyze audiences with multiple campaigns.
Extole allows marketers to run multiple, simultaneous referral campaigns for a brand and specific products. They can test and optimize the entire funnel, from motivating referral sharing to new customer conversion. They can also target different campaigns at different audience segments. Extole’s campaign dashboard allows marketers to see which customers have the biggest referral reach and which have driven the most new revenue. API integration with Marketo enables the inclusion of referral campaign data into broader CRM efforts.

Optimize results and drive acquisition at scale.
From the type and amount of rewards that customers get for referring their friends and that friends get for becoming new customers, to the placement of CTAs, to campaign creative, Extole provides the granular control over referrals that is necessary to achieve a predictable, repeatable channel.

Make use of existing channels.
Referral marketing allows brands to reach new audiences without investing in new media placements. Instead of having to target display advertising at potential customers, for example, a marketer can place a referral CTA on a website or social profile she already owns. The existing customers take care of the rest by sharing their referrals.

Extole makes it possible to share referrals via email and social channels, giving brands a direct way to monetize the social following they’ve already invested in creating. Plus, because referrals are shared by individual customers and not the brand, they avoid the delivery issues and lack of trust that limit most brand-generated social messaging.


Referral marketing programs are a rich source of new leads and customers. They also give you insight into how your existing customers help you generate new revenue. Extole’s simple, lightweight data integration with Marketo allows you to:

  • Identify the customers whose referrals are the biggest revenue drivers. Create a special referral offer giving top advocates richer rewards than usual. Then create a targeted email campaign publicizing the offer specifically to your best revenue-drivers.
  • Qualify your referral-generated leads. For leads that don’t become SQLs, add them to a special nurture track for referred prospects.
  • Invite all your referral-generated leads to a webinar. Afterwards, see which of those leads went back to your referral program and shared your products with colleagues.

Integrating Extole referral data with Marketo automation creates new possibilities for discovering, communicating with, and nurturing the people who are driving revenue for you. For more information on integrating Extole and Marketo, follow the Integration Guide link on the right.

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