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Eventuosity provides event marketers with total insight and control of their programs to improve event ROI.


Eventuosity is the first cloud-based marketing technology platform for enterprise event project management. By integrating with, and filling gaps left by martech stack solutions such as Salesforce.com, Marketo, and others,Eventuosity brings standardization, automation, and business intelligence to one of the largest and least-controlled categories of corporate marketing spending - live events and meetings. 


End-to-End Event Management

Create an end-to-end event project from a template, a previous event, or from scratch. Add staff, their tasks, all run-of-show details, and more.


Grant permissions-based access to colleagues, staff, management, suppliers, and other stakeholders who will contribute to the success of your events.

Workflow and Task Tracking

Assign, track and update every activity in your events’ workflow on your own or with the help of team members to whom you can trigger reminders.

Integrated into your business

Eventuosity fits into your existing technology stack with built-in integrations to leading martech and eventtech platforms. Free API access available.


Events don’t happen in an office. Give everyone on your team the ability to keep connected, meet deadlines, and access shared assets on web or mobile.

Reporting and Insights

Gain unprecedented insight into performance before, during, and after an event. Utilize data to maximize event ROI.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Eventuosity allows event marketers to create registration forms for their programs that will create leads in the Marketo database.


To set up Eventuosity for syncing of captured form data with your Marketo leads database, you must create a form with appropriate options selected.


The setup process is detailed in the attached integration guide document.

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