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Eventable Calendar Marketing

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Get on your customer's calendar. Join over 8,000 businesses using Eventable to communicate with their customers.
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Main Features
  • Smart "Add to Calendar"
  • Embed in emails, sites & more
  • Edits update in real-time
  • Set custom event notifications

Marketers use Eventable to drive action.

Eventable has enabled over 8,000 brands to tap into calendars (Google, Outlook, iOS, etc.) as a marketing channel.

  • Custom Calendar Notifications: Go beyond the default 15-minute "calendar reminder" by personalizing the message and exact time the alert pops up on your customers' devices.
  • Auto Personalization & Geotargeting: Group customers by location, behavior, or interests to target your calendar events effectively.

  • Advanced Analytics: View timeline of each customer’s calendar impressions, clicks, shares, and more. Understand which calendar events and channels (your website, emails, or social media) drive the most engagement.

Marketo Integration

With Eventable's Marketo integration, you can: 

  • Embed "Add to Calendar" buttons inside Marketo: Whether you’re sending an email or creating a web page, our customizable “Add to Calendar” buttons can be embedded anywhere. These buttons work with everything from Google to Outlook calendar. You can also enable Email Capture to collect individuals’ contact information before they add to calendar.
  • Enrich your contacts: Keep all of your contacts in one place easily. When contacts add to calendar with Eventable, they will be added to Marketo. Automatically update their lead scores, add them to Smart Lists, or enroll them in Engagement Programs to be more hands-off and effective.