Attend by Event Farm: Event Sync for Marketo

By Event Farm

Attend by Event Farm's integration with Marketo allows you to extend Marketo's best of breed marketing capabilities to your events.


Attend by Event Farm enables sales through events. Take event management to the next level with new features that allow your Sales and Marketing teams to drive more revenue from events. Our Revenue Event Marketing platform makes it easy to target and attract the right attendees, maximize face-to-face interactions, and drive timely follow-up to accelerate pipeline, drive revenue, and measure the impact and ROI of events.


1. Get the right people in the room

  • Invite: Smart invitation emails to your targeted list of prospects and customers.
  • Register: Use branded event pages to promote your event and collect registrations.
  • Track: See who's registered and track registrations back to sales reps or partners.

2. Maximize in-person interactions

  • Notify: Real-time notifications enable you to greet top prospects and customers as they arrive.
  • Profile: Give your on-site team easy access to relevant data on attendees.
  • Capture: Take notes on conversations and create follow-up tasks that sync with Salesforce.

3. Drive follow-up and track revenue

  • Sync: All of your event data syncs with Marketo and Salesforce giving everyone visibility into the results.
  • Follow-up: Enable quick and relevant follow-up with our powerful integrations. 
  • Measure: Track your event's impact on pipeline, sales cycle, and revenue.



Attend by Event Farm integrates with Marketo to extend Marketo's best of breed marketing capabilities to your events. Seamlessly sync Marketo Programs and Smart Campaigns with Attend to enable real-time status updates as attendees check-in to your event. Status updates are instantly sent to Marketo where you can easily create timely and targeted follow-up from your events. 


Attend's Marketo integration enables you to:

  • Bi-directionally sync your Attend events with Marketo Programs and Smart Campaigns.
  • Update Program statuses in real time when attendees are invited to, register, or check in to your events.
  • Instantly create new Leads in Marketo when a new person enters your funnel through an event.

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