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Direct mail automation. Deliver hyper-personalized, well-timed, trackable content that syncs with your digital strategies in Marketo.



Enthusem is an offline to online solution for triggering hyper-personalized direct mail.


Trigger-Based Direct Mail

Send direct mail based on actions or values in Marketo so your contacts are seeing your message at the exact right time.

Hyper-Personalized Mailers

Each mailer can be hyper-personalized to the individual with imagery specific to each individual. All uniquely different to capture attention.

Built in Tracking

Every Enthusem mailer includes a unique code so you can track activity & post it back to Marketo. You'll always know exactly who is responding & when.

Capture Attention Offline

More than 269 billion emails are sent daily so it's impossible to stand out online. Reach your contacts offline where they're least expecting it.

Automates & Scales to Your Needs

Enthusem direct mail automates out of Marketo and scales up or down based on your needs. There are no daily minimums, mail 1 or 100,000 in a batch!

Integrates Offline & Online

Every Enthusem mailer has a unique code that drives the recipient to your Marketo landing pages, social media or video content for a rich experience.

Max Limit (6 Features)


The Enthusem and Marketo integration works two ways. First, you can trigger automated, hyper-personalized direct mail from a Marketo Smart Campaign so your direct mail is going out at the exact right time. The integration chooses the correct mailer template based on pre-determined criteria, creates the hyper-personalized mailer, appends a unique code and sends it off to the printer for mailing.

Once a recipient gets the card in the mail, they'll go online and enter the unique code to view online content. When that code is entered, Enthusem sends a notification to both the sender and to Marketo where it updates a field and can trigger additional follow up activity.

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