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Engage viewers in an interactive video conversation for a 5x increase in engagement over typical linear video.


Engajer is a lead-qualifying platform that utilizes interactive video. No more cold calling.

At its core, an engajer is a collection of multiple videos on a decision tree; where the viewer is in the driver's seat and can “choose their own pathway of interest”.

Due to the interactive nature of engajer, a viewer’s activity can be tracked and dissected, providing great insight into each individual’s preferences. Through a robust analytics platform and a powerful lead ranking system, a sales team can quickly learn who is “hot”, and who is not. With engajer a sales person's time can now be focused on those who are most willing to buy.


Engajer's integration with Marketo creates a "hand shake" between the two platforms.  When you upload leads into your engajer dashboard, they will appear in Marketo, and vice versa. Engajer's new integration also creates personalized links for every lead, meaning that every email sent has a customized contact card, giving your emails that personal touch.   Engajer's integration also enables lead ranking, meaning you don't have to log back into the engajer dashboard to see the hottest leads. It's all there for you in Marketo itself. You can even check on an individual's details and view which specific videos were watched, which links were clicked, and see if they submitted an "I'm interested" request. Start using engajer to save bundles of time and get to your hottest leads fast!

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