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EngageSciences Social Engagement Platform

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The EngageSciences platform enables marketers to engage, understand and convert their consumers and advocates across web, social and mobile channels.
Main Features
  • Launch UGC powered social hubs
  • Create 30+ campaign types
  • Schedule & publish posts
  • Build a rich social database

Content. The fuel that powers the world’s best marketing.

Today’s marketers just don’t have the time and resource to create content that will achieve critical mass and cut-through on their web channels and across an ever-increasing array of social networks. In contrast, uber-connected, smartphone carrying consumers create an avalanche of the most influential content that features your brand.

Whether it’s glowing testimonials on Twitter, rave reviews from YouTube, aspiration from Pinterest and inspiration from Instagram, it’s this content that is becoming your most powerful marketing asset. The time has come for brands to create powerful connections with their consumers to drive brand preference and maximize sales conversions.  

Activate and keep the right customers

Engage your consumers across web and social channels with the perfect mix of owned and earned content. Launch social campaigns to encourage onward engagement and incentivize the creation of new content. Publish and schedule posts to multiple social networks and optimize your content strategy.

Gather actionable intelligence

Optimize the performance of your campaigns with insights that provide in-depth real-time analytics across web, mobile and social channels. Identify your most engaged, most influential and purchase-ready consumers based on their profiles, behavior and content interactions. Then use this audience data to power the performance of other marketing channels. 

Drive measurable marketing performance

Dramatically increase engagement across web and social properties with an array of campaign types. Optimize campaign performance, drive brand engagement and boost socially referred commerce with the optimal mix of owned and earned content. Improve the performance of paid advertising and email marketing with a layer of richly profiled audience data.