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Enable5 SalesCloud - Enterprise Enablement

Enable5 Inc.  |  Applications
Enable5 Sales Enablement for the Enterprise: MOBILE, SECURE, CLOUD.
Main Features
  • Playbooks, Docs, Audio, Video
  • Data Aggregations incl. Social
  • Map-Based Data Visualizations
  • Integrates w/ CRM/PRM, MA, LMS

Enable5 SalesCloud is a mobile, secure, cloud based Platform with features and Applications designed to allow enterprises to centrally create, manage, collaborate, control, share and track corporate assets to people in the field (including channels) regardless of their remote device of choice. E5 greatly reduces time-to-information, new user/channel ramp time, and allows people to focus on their core business. Increased cost savings, convenience and productivity are direct results of implementing Enable5.

Go beyond traditional sales enablement, and extend efficiencies to the entire enterprise.

Sales teams need enablement for a variety of key, practical reasons:

  • Find what you need – FAST regardless of device you are using
  • Improve social-selling, collaboration & consultative processes
  • Quickly deploy strategic initiatives: bring a company together onto the same page rapidly to ensure that the corporate plan is properly executed in the field
  • Simplify Channel Sales – Manage & control accesses and content that your channel will use to sell, and communicate
  • On-boarding – Helps teams, & individuals become more productive, more quickly
  • Salespeople are both asked, and need to ask — many important questions. They also need answers in a timely manner.

Pre-Sales Engineer teams use E5 while either at the client site, while travelling or during a project when they need to tap into their repository of pre-sales and technical content.

Marketing teams use E5 to create, manage, collaborate and distribute content to the field (Sales, Channels, Strategic Partners, and Prospects)

Operations uses E5 to optimize performance, reporting, delivery, management and support anyone in the field who touches the sales or strategic side of the business

Corporate Leadership & Executives need on-demand access to data, reports, and content in an easy-to-use and timely fashion. Prepare, collaborate & publish content, and allow people in the field to execute on their corporate strategy & plan.

Product Management uses E5 for centralized and controlled dissemination of product & service information.

Human Resources uses E5 to on-board new employees and get them productive more quickly. Centralized management of everything to do with your organization, from cradle-to-departure can be found here.

Post-Sales Tech. Support uses E5 to create, collaborate, manage, store and access their technical content & solutions.