Empathy Logic Cloud

By Empathy Logic, Inc.

Empathy Logic Cloud integrates customer ERP and SaaS application data with Marketo to achieve true lifecycle marketing at very low cost.


Empathy Logic Cloud (ELC) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

ELC exchanges and aggregates customer and prospect data across systems and processes, and provides the ability to apply analysis, segmentation and campaign management across all marketing channels.

Empathy Logic Cloud automates ETL and data distribution

ELC automates all the steps in the extraction, transformation and load (ETL) processes needed to acquire and maintain the data in a cloud-hosted database. It allows for manual or automated segmentation processes and cross-channel data distribution for triggered programs in each channel.

Empathy Logic Cloud encrypts data completely

Security, privacy and enterprise certification rules are built right in. All data is encrypted both in-transit and at rest, making it an excellent solution for International privacy and security requirements, including new Asian and European Union regulations.

Empathy Logic Cloud includes turnkey dashboards and reports

ELC Reporting provides insight, monitoring and comprehensive views into the automated environment provided by ELC. It runs in a browser with an easy to use drag and drop interface providing dashboards, automated and ad-hoc reports, customized views, and historical tracking of key performance indicators. It provides automated report distribution and sharing in a variety of formats.

Empathy Logic Cloud provides comprehensive Data Management

ELC manages data collection using audited SFTP to/from data sources/destinations. Data Standardization processes provide de-duping, data cleansing, and data augmentation in a well-managed and network monitored set of ETL processes. Ongoing maintenance plans for the entire data infrastructure include: Master Data Management, Data Hygiene, and Redundant Back-Ups.

Empathy Logic Cloud is based on Open Standards

We partner with Amazon Web Services to host and protect our solutions. We leverage technologies like RedShift, RDS, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache, Kettle, and Linux. To build our ELC Reporting, we OEM the Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite, same as Marketo.


Empathy Logic Cloud (ELC) integrates with Marketo by leveraging Marketo’s data loader and API solutions to continuously synchronize all available data back and forth.

ELC is also able to generate Marketo’s “Smart Lists” either manually or in a triggered, automated environment. This feature allows marketers to leverage multiple data sources not available or integrated with Marketo to generate highly targeted segments that become immediately actionable in Marketo campaigns.

ELC’s post–processing of lists and segments allows for the flattening of aliases (many-to-many email and Marketo ID’s) to support advanced personalization in B2B environments.

ELC’s Master Data Management synchronizes with Marketo updates from multiple internal or external unsubscribe and Do Not Email (DNE) sources automatically. It also manages usage and deletion of time-limited rented lists.

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