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Email Verifier App

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Email Verifier App removes invalid emails from your mailing list to prevent hard bounces and improves your campaign deliverability & ROI.
Main Features
  • Accurate email verification
  • Real-time API verifier
  • Spam-Trap Removal
  • 12 Stage cleaning process

Email verifier app is the leading email address verification provider trusted by 1000s of multi-nationals around the world. Our advanced email verification system provides highly accurate removal of invalid or likely to bounce email addresses from your email mailing lists. We do this by running it through our proprietary 12 stage cleaning process which involves removing duplicates all the way to identifying spam-trap or complainer email addresses.

We have successfully validated millions of email addresses to date and large companies trust us with their sensitive data. They are interested particular because we help them increasing their ROI for email marketing campaigns they send out using Marketo and other such products. Removing invalid emails will increase the email deliverability rates and therefore increase your return on investment (ROI). It also helps you avoid getting blocked or blacklisted. Its a very helpful tool for email marketers around the world.

Our service is completely automated so you can drag and drop your email lists or use our Marketo integration to import your mailing lists through for verification. Once completed, they can uploaded back for sending your email campaigns. We also have real-time email verification API for developers wanting to develop custom email verification solutions for their businesses.