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elcomCMS is one platform with many opportunities, from building an engaging web experience, collaborating and sharing knowledge internally through your intranet, ensuring your sites can be viewed on any device or opening up new revenue opportunities through eCommerce and measuring the ROI of your online activities.

elcomCMS is a modular platform, meaning you only pay for what you need, but still maintain the flexibility to increase functionality as your business grows.

With extensive plugins and connectors, elcomCMS can work with your existing systems or be the backbone to your multi-site requirements.


Streamline and automate lead generation, lead nurturing and campaign management with elcomCMS Marketo connector.

The elcomCMS Marketo Connector provides the ability to integrate your Marketo environment with elcomCMS. There are two key ways that data can be syncronised from elcomCMS to Marketo: Community Users and Landing Pages.

Community Users
For organizations with members, the connector allows you to better serve your community through targeted member campaigns and content. Known members already registered within your site can be synced with Marketo along with user engagement information such as downloads, pages visited and time spent on page.

Send targeted and exclusive offers to community members based on frequently visited pages and previous engagement points such as video views, downloads and purchases.
Identify and re-engage community members who have become inactive with targeted email campaigns
Capture community information effectively to streamline support and service programs
and more.
Marketo_Integration_elcomCMS Forms

Landing Pages
Marketo_FormsThe integration brings Marketo's landing page functionality into the elcomCMS, providing you with a one-stop-shop to maintain your landing pages and lead forms. As well as syncing data captured through forms, such as contact details; user activity is also captured to help you run effective follow up and lead nurturing campaigns.

Provides you with the ability to automatically capture lead data and sync it with Marketo, removing the need for manual uploads and data entry.
Re-use site templates and Master Pages, to maintain design consistency.
Take advantage of Marketo to score leads and only send qualified leads to the Sales team for follow up, whilst continuing to nurture other leads through targeted campaigns.
Manage your lead life-cycle from end-to-end, removing the risk of lost opportunities.
and more.

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