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Ektron's Web Content Management Solution provides everything you need to empower content creators and deliver a great online content experience.


The Ektron Web Content Management Solution provides everything you need to empower content creators and deliver a great online experience to site visitors that helps you achieve your goals. Ektron's Enterprise Web Content Management Solution is used by more than 3,800 organizations today, and provides a flexible and scalable solution for robust content management. 

Ektron offers the ability to create, deploy, and manage websites at enterprise-level scale. It empowers users, designers, and developers to work in parallel, speeding time-to-web and ensuring global brand consistency. It enables users to make content updates directly to the site using an intuitive browser-based editor. 

Speed development using Ektron's Framework API, pre-built .NET controls, and standard development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio. Ektron integrates seamlessly with CRM, Analytics, Marketing Automation Systems, ERP, SharePoint and more to help speed time to value for your organization.


Drive more leads and convert more customers

Ektron allows Marketo customers to deliver contextual, mobile friendly websites and digital experiences based upon the information stored in Marketo.  Available attributes including campaigns, programs, list membership and contact data from Marketo are used to create websites personas.  Marketers then can easily target those personas with the most relevant content that will drive the highest conversion rate.

Ektron seamlessly integrates with Marketo allowing you to focus your attention on Marketing and not technology.  The integration allows use of Marketo data and membership in campaigns, programs, lists and smartlists to personalize a website visitor's experience. Easily store information about your website visitors in Marketo via bidirectional data flow, to increase your intelligence on your leads and visitors.

With Ektron and Marketo you will increase your leads, opportunities and customers. 

Use tools built for marketers: 

  • Get found with SEO optimization that helps you manage your specific search engine strategy
  • Build targeted calls-to-action to make the right offer to the right visitor based on your marketing logic
  • Connect your website to Marketo nurture tracks to provide the most contextual experience across all channels
  • Manage website personas with data from Marketo
  • Increase lead conversion by personalizing anonymous visitor experience
  • Retarget offers and content to maximize conversions
  • Drive constant improvements with advanced testing and analytics
  • Show off your success by reporting on data managed by both systems
  • Easily create, manage and optimize mobile experiences.

Marketers can now easily manage digital experience across channels with Ektron and Marketo.  Ektron allows marketers to take control of their website and ensure the greatest return on web and Marketo investments.

Create a content experience that resonates and delivers results

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