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We provide consulting and technical expertise to the enterprise specializing in all aspects of CRM development, deployment and support.
Main Features
  • Implementation Services
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Development and Support

Founded in 1999, Eagle Creek Software Services provides consulting and technical expertise to the enterprise, around CRM, B.I. and Application Development. 
We combine onsite consulting with our “Dakota Model”, locating technology centers in rural communities within the U.S. providing an alternative to offshore and stand alone on-site consulting. This ITO model is based on a public-private alliance with the state governments of North and South Dakota to help train and place STEM graduates into Eagle Creek’s U.S. technology centers. Combining onsite and offsite (but onshore) resources enables our customers to increase efficiency and quality while managing price and risk in software development, deployment and support.

Eagle Creek has broad CRM experience (including marketing automation), that enables our customers to benefit from this deep enterprise level expertise.

We are able to help customers looking to unleash the power of Marketo as a point solution, right the way through to those with complex CRM , and enterprise level integration challenges, as well as best practices for data governance.