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Drawbridge Cross-Device Consumer Graph & DSP

Drawbridge  |  Applications
Drawbridge solutions help brands connect with people in a multi-device world
Main Features
  • 3.6B+ Devices Globally
  • 1.2B+ Connected Consumers
  • 97.3% Verified Accuracy

Drawbridge is the leading cross-device identity company building technology that fundamentally changes the way brands connect  with people. We bridge data from personal computing devices, mobile devices, and emerging devices to reach more than one billion consumers across more than three billion devices. 

Our Connected Consumer Graph data offering, which includes more than one billion consumers, gives marketers unparalleled insight into consumer behavior both online and offline to drive better results – from creating brand awareness to driving incremental sales.  

The Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform is an Ad Bridge-ready, self-service DSP, built on the Connected Consumer Graph that provides a precise and transparent means of connecting with known consumers across their devices, and measuring results.