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Get a complete set of apps, integrations, and metrics delivering complete digital marketing visibility and control across your live events.


Capture the Energy Of Your Events To Drive Meaningful Results

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform provides a comprehensive set of applications, integrations, and performance metrics empowering event professionals and marketers with digital marketing visibility and control across live events.

It starts with an addictive mobile event app known for its industry leading adoption and engagement rates. Usage of the app generates a signal-rich data stream that not only helps your event success, but informs and enriches all of your marketing channels.

Companies Powered By DoubleDutch

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform powers events, conferences, and trade shows for more than 1,700 customers including Forbes, Humana, LinkedIn, Novartis, Nationwide, SAP, UBM and Urban Land Institute.

See case studies of how our platform has been implemented by customers like Episerver, Sime, and California Association for Behavior Analysis (CalABA).

The Live Engagement Platform

  • The Studio empowers event organizers to brand the app experience, manage event content, and build a framework to foster engagement and capture in-app signals. Learn more.

  • The Event App provides a single interface for attendees to learn, connect, and share — enhancing their event experience and giving them more control than ever before. Learn more.

  • The Performance Manager enables event professionals to leverage real-time and post-event analytics to ensure event success, optimize future events, and prove ROI. Learn more.

  • The Lead Manager enables marketers to understand each attendee and their interests, assess lead scores across a spectrum of criteria, and follow-up with personalized marketing to drive business outcomes faster. Learn more.

  • The Exhibitor Portal provides a complete set of tools for exhibitors and sponsors to identify, target, and connect with the right attendees. Learn more.


Supercharge your marketing programs with live engagement data

Don’t just treat live events as a single marketing touchpoint. Digitize the event floor — capturing rich detail on every attendee, score leads, and personally respond in real-time

Key Benefits:

  • Personalize responses to drive action faster
  • Deliver quality leads with greater precision
  • Enable real-time visibility and response
  • Improve effectiveness across campaigns with live engagement data

Capture and Transfer Detailed Engagement Metrics

Transfer powerful engagement signals captured through interactivity at live events, providing the clearest insight about intent of each attendee — from interests, participation, and feedback.

Score Leads To Know Who To Follow-Up With and How

Score specific activities attendees take across the event within Marketo, and easily understand what actions to take next based on their stage in the buying cycle.

Automatically Trigger Personalized Campaigns

Create Smart Lists in Marketo to automatically trigger campaigns, based on specific attendee interactions — for example, instantly sending recommended content based on a poll response.

Enable Relevant Follow-Up Conversations That Spur Action

Set up Marketo alerts to sales reps as specific activities occur to enable timely follow-up, and transfer a summary of activities into CRM systems to enable relevant follow-up conversations.

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