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Domo pulls Marketo & other data into a single platform, allowing you to get the reports & insights needed to make better informed business decisions.



Domo Apps add sizzle to Marketo by combining the most relevant data points into dynamic visualizations. Take a look at some of the incredible things you can do with Domo Apps for Marketo.

Lead Engagement

  • Identify which days and times have the highest open and click rates
  • Compare key metrics across campaigns
  • Identify how many touches a lead needs before converting

Lead Qualification

  • Organize your leads by conversion rate
  • Understand where your best leads are coming from
  • Assign scores based on a lead's probability of conversion

Lead Reach

  • Filter leads by reachable and unreachable
  • Compare bounce backs and unsubscribes by month
  • Gain deeper insight into your target audience

Campaign Analyzer

  • See aggregated, historical data from all your prior campaigns
  • Know when people engage by day, week, month or touch-point
  • Know how many email touches it takes to convert leads



Domo is flexible enough to pull your Marketo data repository via their SOAP API or REST API, depending on your needs. You can connect to the appropriate Marketo API by simply providing your API credentials to your Domo Business Consultant.

Once your credentials are validated pre-defined quickstart cards will be deployed. These cards allow you to see your most actionable metrics and KPIs quickly and easily to determine how your marketing is performing. You can also create custom cards and dashboards specific to your business needs. Domo dashboards can include Marketo data and data from any other source, such as CRM. Having all your data in one location will increase visibility to your business and allow you to make better-informed decisions.




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Before Domo, a user needed to login to multiple platforms to get data on comprehensive campaign performance. Now, Domo is the single source of truth for all of their marketing efforts.
VP, Digital Marketing Analytics | MasterCard