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Dodge Link now connects Dodge Reports, the industry’s most comprehensive, verified source of private and public project leads directly to Marketo


Dodge Data & Analytics is North America’s leading provider of analytics, construction project data and software-based workfl ow integration solutions for the construction industry.


Contact Matching

Each night a process attempts to match your contacts to contacts in Dodge. When matched, the contacts is appended with Dodge project information

Dodge Project Profile

The Dodge Project Profile is updated daily which is great for your smart lists that includes Dodge project information.

Select the right Dodge fields

You decide what fields from Dodge should exist in Marketo. Why bring every Dodge project field in when you plan only to use a few fields for targeting

Create targeted Smart Lists

Use the Dodge project and role information to target segments of the construction marketplace

Search your Dodge Subscription

Need to add more contacts, search your Dodge content using company and /or project search criteria. Chose contacts & easily add them to Marketo

Max Limit (6 Features)


Dodge Link is the easiest and fastest way to use Dodge project information in Marketo.  You can be using Dodge in Marketo in about 1 hour.  It is easy to install by your Marketo administrator using our step by step instructions. When your contacts also exist in Dodge, your contacts will be appended with a profile of Dodge projects where they are listed. This Dodge Project profile is updated nightly so you have the most up-to-date project information known about your contacts.   Need more contacts?  Find new contacts in Dodge and easily get them in Marketo.    Make your smart lists "smarter" with Dodge Link.   

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