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By Docalytics

Docalytics converts static PDF content to interactive online experiences, helping Marketo users capture 30% more leads & better measure their content.


Capture 4-10X more leads from your gated content


Docalytics benefits Marketo customers across both large and small companies alike by providing three key enhancements to Marketo's existing solution set:


Docalytics provides marketers with more flexibility in how they can use Marketo Forms:

Docalytics measures engagement within PDF content offers 

  • Marketers no longer have to assume their content is engaging. Docalytics provides individual level "engagement scoring" to bring added intelligence to Marketo lead scoring & helps marketers understand how different audiences/segments consume various content offers across different channels, to better optimize content performance and promotion.   

Compliments Marketo Sales Insight by giving reps access to trackable content 

  • Docalytics for Sales enhances a sales teams access to centralized content from MKTO, their inbox, CRM,  or social messaging sites like LinkedIn to provide sales enhanced tracking capabilities. The solution also gives marketers direct insight into what collateral is contributing to a company's sales. 

Docalytics provides full integration with Marketo, to ensure you maximize the value of your investment in Marketing Automation, as all data around your prospective customers lead information and content consumption activity captured by Docalytics will be accessible from your Marketo account to help you better tailor your sales and marketing outreach.


The Docalytics integration with Marketo allows Marketo users to dive deeper into prospect's behavior as they view documents on the Docalytics platform. Additional data that is made available includes:

  • Document views are listed as web page visits in a lead's Activity Log. Both known and anonymous leads are tracked.
  • New leads captured within Docalytic's inline forms are pushed to Marketo either as new leads or merged with existing information.
  • An engagement score is added to the Marketo lead that classifies how engaged the lead was across all the documents they viewed in the Docalytics system.
  • A full engagement report is available for lead via a link. The engagement report includes the following:
    • A list of all documents that lead has viewed
    • How much time was spent in each document, down to the page level
    • Heat map information for lead's mouse movement for desktop browsers
    • Social shares for each document, and where it happened within the document

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