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Add automated and affordable postcard direct mail with Direct Mail Manager to any Marketo Campaign for maximum ROI.

About is an On-Demand Direct Mail Web App that will make you a direct mail marketing expert. It provides you with the ability to easily produce highly effective, targeted direct mail. Integrated directly with Marketo using WebHooks, the system gives you access to advanced direct mail reporting tools including USPS tracking, ROI Reports, A/B Marketing Testing and there is no minimum quantity requirement.

With no minimum requirements, extremely affordable pricing and trackable reporting, this system is a perfect marketing tool for your business. The highest quality, full color, UV coated postcards are printed and mailed, first class, within 48 hours. The integration with Marketo allows for automated direct mail campaigns and advanced marketing reporting that provides in-depth direct mail campaign analysis. turns you into a direct mail marketing expert.


Direct Mail Manager's integration with Marketo can be setup using WebHooks that can be included in any Marketo Campaign. The setup is based on 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a campaign in Direct Mail Manager
  2. Create WebHooks pointing to Direct Mail Manager in Marketo
  3. Add WebHooks to Marketo Campaign

It is that simple! The integration allows you to put a direct mail postcard that is sent out in 48 hours anywhere within a Marketo Campaign.

WebHooks are the Key!

To set up a Direct Mail Manager in Marketo you will first have to familiarize yourself with WebHooks. WebHooks allow you to access your Direct Mail Manager Campaigns securely from within Marketo.

Here is a simple breakdown of how easy it is to integrate any Direct Mail Manager Campaign with your Marketo Campaign.

Send WebHook

Go to Admin and select WebHooks
Create your Send WebHook first, this will send the data to Direct Mail Manager
Add your Direct Mail Manager account and campaign credentials

Mail WebHook

Create your Mail WebHook, this will trigger Direct Mail Manager to actually mail the data you sent sent previously.
Add your Direct Mail Manager account and campaign credentials

Thats it your WebHooks are done! You can now go to a new or existing Marketo Campaign and drop the 2 WebHooks anywhere in the process and your customer or leads will receive your selected postcard campaign!

For more details on creating these WebHooks click on the Support link and search "Marketo"

How would you use this integration?

Direct mail is a powerful tool when used with timing. By including direct mail in your Marketo campaigns you can increase ROI with your leads and current customers by sending a tangible postcard. This is a tactile experience not offered with digital media! Some of the best way to integrate direct mail is:

  • Lead followup
  • Thank You cards
  • Promotional Upselling
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
How does a direct mail integration increase marketing effectiveness?

The use of extremely targeted direct mail, email and social media marketing will always increase your marketing effectiveness. With Direct Mail Manager and the Marketo automated system, it becomes a money making machine.

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