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Marketo Consulting & Managed Services

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Digital Pi provides implementation, managed services, consulting and training to companies looking to get rapid, meaningful value from Marketo.
Main Features
  • Audit & Assessment
  • Systems Architecture & Design
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Managed Services

Marketing Automation Audit
Clients already running Marketo should start with Digital Pi's in depth review of their system as it is configured today. By analyzing the data, flows, campaigns and integration points we learn what questions to ask that lead to a complete picture that includes your marketing strategy down to the smallest critical details.

Marketing Automation Implementation and Optimization
When it’s time to put your marketing strategy to work, we’re ready to make it all work from start to finish. We work with you every step of the way to understand what you want to accomplish and how best to get you there. We tell you what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, and why it’s important to you before we do the work. The work we perform is specific to each client’s unique requirements, and we apply best practices and standards where we see opportunity to streamline and simplify your implementation.

Application Integration
You get more from marketing automation when it’s tied to other systems including CRMs, e-commerce, online advertising, and a myriad of digital marketing applications. We specialize in helping companies connect marketing automation with applications.

Your team has to know how to sustain and extend your marketing automation systems in order to keep up with changes and pursue opportunities. We offer custom training tailored to your needs, whether it’s a few hours at hand-off or a few days every month we want to empower you to sustain your marketing automation results with your own talent.

Custom Marketing Services
Our primary focus is marketing automation, but we are first and foremost marketing/business thinkers. Many of our clients engage us to help them with product marketing, customer marketing, content, campaign management, messaging and more because our experience as marketers and digital marketing experts is ideal for many of their marketing needs.