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AI-Driven Personalized Website Experience

■ Unable to easily distinguish between different visitor types
■ Digital marketers are forced to present the same static website experience for all visitors
■ Lack of a personalized experience leads to low conversion rates on website

6Sense - Uses AI to analyze company and campaign data; identifies high value visitors for targeting
Reactful -  Leverages AI to detect visitor intent (via digital body language) on site and in combination with 6Sense persona data, personalizes web experience with intelligent engagement & guidance to increase conversion 
Marketo - Seamlessly receives lead data from Reactful and augments with 6Sense data to prioritize for nurture and sale

■ Allow visitors to receive a personalized web experience based on their identified attributes and expressed digital body language
■ Improve the customer engagement through customized interactions and guidance
■ Increase site conversions by as much as 2x!

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