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Call Tracking for Marketo

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Use DialogTech to track inbound calls back to any marketing source. Include that data in reports for closed-loop campaign and ROI analysis.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Track calls from any source
  • Include call data in reports
  • Score, route & record calls
  • See keywords driving calls

Marketers use Marketo to track and report on leads from their campaigns, programs, and channels. And while it’s an excellent tool for tracking leads that converted online, what happens if a lead picks up the phone and calls you? Will you be able to track that lead back to its marketing source? Can you qualify, route, and prove the quality of the calls your marketing generates?

DialogTech’s call analytics and automation software enables Marketo users to prove and improve how every marketing channel generates calls and ROI, as well as control how their calls are scored, routed, and managed to optimize sales.

Thanks to smartphones, consumers are calling businesses to engage in conversation at record rates throughout the customer journey. But unlike with web clicks, marketers often struggle to understand how their marketing channels – search, social, display, email, mobile, offline – actually make the phone ring.

DialogTech’s Voice360™ platform gives Marketo users the power to analyze, control, and personalize in real time the calls that are generated from every marketing channel. DialogTech makes it possible for you to:

  • Prove and improve how your marketing (including search, social, display, email, mobile, TV, direct mail, and more) drives calls and sales.
  • Include call analytics within Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
  • Integrate call tracking data in CRM systems like Salesforce to follow phone leads through the sales cycle.
  • Automatically qualify and filter callers to prevent non-sales calls from reaching sales agents.
  • Set up rules to route calls by caller location, marketing source, time/day, and more.
  • Create your own virtual call center where reps can field calls from anywhere on any device.
  • Record and monitor conversations to prove call quality.

Marketo Integration

The DialogTech Voice360 platform integrates seamlessly with Marketo, through our integrations with leading CRM solutions like Salesforce.