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By DemandGen International, Inc.

DemandGen provides comprehensive strategic consulting and implementation services helping companies optimize Marketo and Marketing technology systems.


Rely on DemandGen’s technical and strategic expertise to drive success with Marketo

Marketo offers endless possibilities for generating leads, better targeting your audiences and measuring contributions to the pipeline. But making the most of your Marketo implementation can be challenging and complex, especially at enterprise scale.

As your Marketo Services Partner, DemandGen’s Marketo experts provide technical and strategic guidance, helping to educate your team on best practices and processes, and leverage the full power of Marketo to get maximum value from your investment.

The service includes:

  • Strategic guidance in developing your demand funnel, lead scoring and nurturing programs, and improving marketing and sales alignment.
  • Resources to supplement or replace internal staff and work to integrate, optimize and use your Marketo implementation.
  • Best-practices for developing a revenue cycle model to support Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA), including aligning processes, using Revenue Stages to trigger and filter campaigns and mapping Revenue Stages to widely used industry benchmarks such as MQL.
  • Configuring and optimizing your Marketo instance to maximize effectiveness and help you adopt Marketo Sales Insight (MSI).
  • Helping you use broader Marketo functionality to maximize the impact of your lead nurturing and demand generation programs.

The DemandGen Marketo Solution Service begins with a business process review, a consultative agreement to get you started optimizing your Marketo implementation. Contact our Sales Team to discuss how our array of Marketo support services can help you drive revenue for your organization.


Marketo Campaign Execution Services

Day-to-day campaign management can be challenging for marketing organizations of every size. DemandGen Campaign Execution Services is the "well-oiled machine" you need to turn out effective world-class campaigns that drive real results - time after time.

Depend on DemandGen's industry-leading expertise and certified professionals to produce, manage, deploy, and monitor your email marketing campaigns for maximum impact - so you can spend more time focused on strategy, planning, and alignment.

Some of the top businesses in the world depend on DemandGen to handle their day-to-day marketing campaign management and execution - why not yours? Find out how DemandGen's Campaign Execution Services can help you drive revenue for your organization.

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