Demandbase ABM for Marketo

By Demandbase

Pull MKTO lists into DB Platform, enhance with offsite intent and onsite engagement data, and enable targeted advertising to known & unknown contacts


The combination of Demandbase's ABM Platform with Marketo's CXM Platform represents best-in-class capabilities for the B2B marketer. Users of the integration can:

  • Combine contact data with deep account-level data to enrich ABM insights
  • Launch account-based advertising campaigns across premium B2B inventory
  • Leverage AI-based intent data to accurately prioritize which accounts to focus on first

Timing & Availability

The integration is currently in the "early adopter program" phase and is scheduled for general availability in August 2019. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in learning more.

The Demandbase ABM Platform provides full-funnel capabilities from account discovery to targeted advertising, website personalization, and sales insights. 


When Marketo customers add the Demandbase integration to their solution, Marketo Smart Lists can be imported into Demandbase Platform, the entire buying committee (both known and unknown contacts) can be identified based on intent signals, and targeted advertising can be delivered across premium B2B sites. The Demandbase Platform can also be used to identify net-new accounts that are in market, and these target account lists can be exported as new Lists within Marketo so that marketing campaigns can be coordinated across channels.


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