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Demandbase Analytics, Forms & Content Targeting

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Deliver more leads with deeper insights to your sales team, helping to accelerate deals through the pipeline.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Engage target accounts
  • Customize content
  • Increase conversions
  • Get actionable data

Get detailed company information about every website visitor and every lead. Personalize content for those visitors to increase engagement, and shorten forms to increase conversions, all integrated seamlessly with your existing Marketo and CMS solutions. Transform your existing Web Analytics tool (Google, Adobe, etc.) into a B2B intelligence engine with the ability to segment traffic by industry, size, revenue, account status, and more. 

Increase Engagement

When B2B companies integrate Demandbase into their content management system the company identity of each visitor triggers rules for personalizing content and user experience. Since the relevant company attributes are known, the web experience can be personalized depending on those attributes—all before the visitors make themself “known,” and without relying on cookies. Visitors will find this content more relevant, and thus will be more willing to engage with you, for example, through a form submission. 

Increase Conversion Rates

Removing form fields once meant losing the important company information required to qualify your leads. But with Demandbase you can immediately see conversion rates increase up to 3X without losing detailed company-specific information. Demandbase can identify the company on the first visit whether or not they have ever visited your website, clicked on an email link, or filled out a form in the past. Leads are more complete with detailed company information, increasing the accuracy of both lead distribution and scoring while allowing Sales to spend more time prospecting instead of researching lead information. It increases accuracy – which means higher conversions, deeper segmentation, and qualification. 

Effective Lead Scoring with Standardized Data

Demandbase enables any marketing automation platform to do more efficient and accurate lead scoring based on the information that is important to sales, such as: Employee count, Annual Revenue, Industry and more. 

Intelligent B2B Analytics

Measure marketing’s impact on website activity by company attribute. The account-based view provided by Demandbase enables you to focus on the quality of the traffic you are driving, moving beyond the individual visitor to look at the customers, prospects, targeted accounts and even competitors visiting your site.

When combined with the rest of the Demandbase platform, you’re able to execute fully integrated Target Account Marketing campaigns that help you attract, engage and convert your prospects and dream accounts, driving measurable performance and revenue.

Marketo Integration

When Marketo customers add the Demandbase Form Connector to their Marketo web forms, the corporate identity of the web visitor is provided in Marketo when the form is submitted. This integration will increase form conversion by reducing the number of company-specific form fields the web visitor is required to fill out. Since the company data is more complete, accurate and standardized to your needs, more leads will get dropped into nurture programs, scored and sent to sales.

The Demandbase Form Connector is a universal JavaScript framework for integrating Demandbase into an exisitng Marketo web form.