Engagement Stories: Demand Generation

Explore Customer Engagement Stories to Boost Your Demand Generation Strategy

Personalized Buyer Journeys with AI

Siloed data prevents a holistic view of the buyer
Marketers are unable to easily segment audiences using all available 1st and 3rd party prospect data
Marketers are unable to engage target accounts consistently and with relevance across all channels

Lattice: Unifies 1st and 3rd party data, applies AI to identify ICP and makes it available to marketers for segmentation
Bombora: Provides 3rd party intent signals and enables display campaign execution
Folloze: Enables personalized engagement via orchestrated campaigns and account-specific microsites
Marketo: Orchestrates execution and engagement with target accounts

Higher account engagement
3x Greater opportunity creation
58% Higher pipeline
2x Greater revenue

Tech Stack

Technology Used