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Delacon's Advanced Call Tracking Solution

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Integrating call tracking into your marketing automation software allows greater insights into your customer’s journeys and increases conversions.
Main Features
  • Create leads for phone calls
  • Lead scores for inbound calls
  • Greater Insights
  • Use online and call data

Tracking calls made to your business is incredibly important in making sure get a ROI on your marketing spend.

By using Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution, you can track the phone calls made to your business and see which source the call originated from.

Furthermore, Delacon’s solution can provide your business with a host of call data including call duration, caller city and state as well as ISP and device used.

Our ability to integrate with the world’s leading marketing software platforms including Google Analytics and AdWords, Salesforce, Optimizely and Acquisio allows you to take full advantage of our solution.

And now, being able to integrate call tracking into your marketing automation software will give you greater insights into your customer’s journeys, which in turn will give you the vital information to streamline your marketing campaigns and increase conversions.

Through the analysis of call activity you’ll have a more accurate measurement of how customers are responding to your marketing messages as they proceed down the sales funnel. You’ll be able to measure the success of marketing automation campaigns with the inclusion of call tracking data for complete information. If you don’t include calls, then you’re not accurately measuring marketing automation to its fullest capacity.