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Marketo Consulting Services

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Definitive Results is a boutique firm providing personalized service tailored specifically to fit your unique Marketo needs.
Main Features
  • Campaign Execution
  • Set up & integration
  • Platform Optimization
  • Strategy & Managed Services

We know your pain and we know how to make it better.

Definitive Results specializes in helping Marketers alleviate their Marketing Automation pains and accelerate their efforts using the technologies available to them.  Our mission is simple:  We help Marketers transform their operations through the power of Marketing Automation.  We love working with the next generation of modern marketers — those driving results based on data and analytic insights.

Why pick us?

  • Experience: We’ve been in similar shoes to you. All Definitive Results consultants were previously Marketing Automation super users prior to joining our team - giving us the hands-on experience to truly understand your pains and challenges!
  • Commitment: We commit to always respond to you within 1 business day throughout our relationship.  No waiting or wondering.
  • Flexibility: Your needs differ from our other clients.  A cookie-cutter approach doesn’t always work.  We work with you to create a custom plan and project to meet the needs of your business.

We can plug into your team and become a key member for you to count on for strategic marketing projects or a simple task that needs to be done quickly in your Marketing Automation tool.