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If you can structure the internet, the possibilities are endless. We have done just that to fulfill your data needs.
Main Features
  • Info from 100 million+ sites
  • Search using advanced filters
  • Business intelligence for B2B
  • Accurate and current data

Sales Lead

Are you looking for stores in Manchester that sell mushrooms? We can find them. Dataprovider tells you what shopping cart systems, payment providers, and shipping companies (and much much more) are used by websites.

Because we index so many websites, we know how they link to each other (and we know how important the linking websites are). With the help of our clients and academics we developed a ranking factor called the Economic Footprint based on all the data we have. It gives you a good idea on the economic impact a website has.


We don't rely on samples or on interviews, we visit each website. We know that in the Netherlands only 10% of the online stores really have any substance. We know what payment solutions are growing, and where market opportunities lie!

Because we crawl on a bi-monthly basis, we know who’s on the rise and who’s on the decline.


Some of the world's most advanced registries work with us. In a private and secure environment, they can upload their zone files. Whether there are 100,000 or 100 million domains, our platform is highly scalable. The results generated are the most comprehensive analyses available. 

The competition between registrars is fiercer than ever. The winners are the ones that know what's going on in their own client base but also know what the competition is doing so they know where the opportunities lie. For web hosters, we have a solution called AS company search, where you see at what hosting company a websites is hosted. Furthermore, you can sort importance and size via our proprietary Economic Footprint rank.


We work very closely with the University of Groningen by using our crawling capabilities to find jobs on all domains in a certain country. We then clean and structure it by finding the required education, the offered salary, the location and a few other variables. This results in an enormous database with an untapped source of job listings.

We've also created an unparalleled matching algorithm. This works not just with semantic matching, but with a 4D matrix approach that can match any CV in any format.

Business Intelligence

If something is important for a business, they will say something about it on their website. We can track this for you; on keywords and on technologies such as payment systems, CMS, shopping cart software, shipping services and many more. We can also create special custom data sets for what isn't already being tracked.