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Named "Cool Vendor" for tech marketing by Gartner, Datanyze helps fill your funnel with the right leads and empowers advanced data-driven marketing.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Prioritize accounts using data
  • Score using tech usage Data
  • Fill your funnel with contacts
  • Drive account-based marketing

Powerfully simplistic, Datanyze continuously analyzes millions of data points across the web to identify technology usage by companies, surface buying signals and deliver high quality contacts. 

Fully integrated with Marketo, enrich your leads with technology usage and company firmographic data. Identify your ideal customer profile. Surface the best accounts to target, add high quality contacts with data you can trust and more. Datanyze empowers industry-leading marketing techniques including ABM, demand gen, lead gen, and outbound prospecting. 

Loved by top sales & marketing teams at companies like Marketo, salesforce, Evernote, Outreach, Brightcove, Magento, Taboola, Paypal, Walmart, Zendesk, and countless others — Datanyze is proven to help grow your revenue and save you time. 


Case Studies:

Marketo Integration

Please refer to the attached Marketo Integration Quick Start Guide.