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Analyze and visualize your Marketo and other data with Datameer. Perform powerful analytics through the easy to use spreadsheet UI and visualize the r


Datameer is an end-to-end solution for big data analytics and discovery. With rapid data intergration, 220+ pre-built analytic functions and stunning data visualizations, Datameer quickly transforms raw marketing data into insights.

The Marketo Marketing Analytics app on the Datameer Analytics App Market™ gives marketing professionals immediate insights into their Marketo data. Use one of the 50+ enterprise connectors to join and analyze Marketo data with other applications such as, Atlassian JIRA, Zendesk, social media and more to gain rapid insights into your marketing effectiveness. 


Datameer is an end-to-end big data analytics and discovery solution. Datameer's integration includes over 50 pre-built connectors to enterprise data sources including CRM and other enterprise applications, SQL and MPP databases, JSON, XML and CSV as well as unstructured sources such as email, social media, and log files.

Gain visual insights into where your webpage visits and form fills are coming from in the world. This app connects to the Marketo API and then correlates IP addresses with geo location data to give a visual of where webpage visitors and form fills are coming from.

Go further by connecting with data from other sources such as Marketo, and social media data to determine how customer sentiment affects lead generation and revenue.  


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