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DataHero allows anyone, regardless of technical ability to visualize data from services like Marketo, Google Analytics, Box and more.


DataHero is the leading provider of self-service Cloud BI, enabling users to quickly identify and better understand their Marketo data through analytics and visualization.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users are able to import, combine and visualize data from the services they use every day.

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Upload Marketo data from your desktop

Get instant visualizations of your information

Customize and share your results and be the hero!


DataHero is the first self service cloud analytics tool you need to make sense of your data and understand how it impacts your business.

No IT NEEDED.  By connecting to Marketo, DataHero takes the intimidation and clutter out of analytics by simplifying and organizing the data you need to power your business forward. 

With DataHero for Marketo you can filter based on what is important to you. DataHero automatically categorizes your data, analyzes it for patterns, and suggests the most relevant charts to you.

Working with spreadsheets and Marketo-no problem.  DataHero for Marketo allows you to combine data from Excel files or customer support data and create analytics dashboards that keep all  data up to date.

Import your Marketo dataset in one click, and start today.  


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