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Meet GDPR, CCPA, and related privacy regulation requirements inside Marketo. Consolidate customer communication preferences enterprise-wide.


DataGrail is a privacy platform, helping Marketo customers comply with GDPR and forthcoming privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act. We reduce risk and eliminate opt-outs and complaints via cross system opt-in/opt-out preference management synchronizing across marketing, sales, and transactional communications systems.

Privacy Regulation (GDPR, CCPA, etc) Compliance

Perform pain-free data subject requests across all business systems. DPOs, legal counsel, or operations can perform requests in one place without interacting with each application owner. DataGrail securely manages requester interactions, and maintains a compliance log. DataGrail also escalates internally to ensure requests are actioned within required timelines.

DataGrail supports both controller requests (the requester has been marketed to) and processor requests (the requester is your customer’s customer).

Global, cross system email preference management

DataGrail supplies white labeled global contact preference management, spanning all systems that communicate with data subjects. Every system can include one link to manage marketing, sales, support, and transactional communications.

DataGrail supports custom cross-system workflows triggerable by individual preference items, helping Marketo customers to integrate all their systems and adhere to individual’s preferences. Supported systems include sales enablement systems (Outreach, SalesLoft, Yesware), conversational marketing systems (Drift, Intercom), support (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc), survey development (SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, etc), and many more.

Risk Dashboard and Management

Marketo customers can manage risk across all marketing and sales contacts. DataGrail detects non-consented or high risk contacts, including geographic fingerprinting and migration from consented to non-consented purposes.

DataGrail also supplies alerting, if eg a deleted or high risk contact is recreated in a marketing system via a salesperson’s action or other source.


Action GDPR Subject Requests

Easily action GDPR-required data subject rights requests across all company systems.

Global Preference Page

Give customers and prospects system-wide control over communications.


Monitor and alert on risky marketing activities.

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DataGrail has a simple four week integration process: 

  • Week 1: Request workflow diagram signoff and integration with
  • Week 2: Integration with Marketo
  • Week 3: Integration with third-party systems & preference management
  • Week 4: Onboarding and training

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