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DataFox for Marketo

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DataFox for Marketo streamlines the way marketing manages lead data and routes leads to sales for all account-based strategies.
Main Features
  • Matches leads to accounts
  • Enriches leads in real-time
  • Enables better scoring
  • Integrates with Salesforce

Break the barrier between leads and accounts with DataFox for Marketo

The DataFox platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify high growth companies that meet your ideal customer profile and deliver actionable company information on those companies from millions of data sources, helping marketers streamline the way they manage lead data and route leads to sales for all account-based marketing strategies.

Match and enrich incoming leads to accounts

Automatically match leads to accounts in DataFox and Salesforce with this easy to use webhook and bring over all the information from those profiles, including custom fields, needed from the account to the lead record.

Identify more high-value prospects

Leverage account data in marketo lead scoring models to surface high-value prospects who otherwise would go untouched and route those leads to the rep assigned to that account.

Enable hyper-targeted marketing programs

Create segmented, more personalized marketing programs to better engage and score prospective audiences at target accounts across the funnel.