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Cvent has solutions to optimize the event life cycle, including registration, venue selection, marketing, mobile apps, check-in, surveys, and more.



Meetings and events are a powerful marketing channel. But measuring its true impact can be tricky. The Cvent Event Management platform helps event marketers drive higher attendance, increase attendee engagement, and track real-time event insights.  

Cvent is a leading meetings, events, and hospitality software company with more than 3,700 employees, 25,000 customers, and 300,000 users worldwide. Cvent solutions optimize the entire event management value chain and have enabled clients around the world to manage hundreds of thousands of meetings and events. 

Cvent’s partnership with Marketo will allow you to execute more successful events. Your event activity and attendee behavior will automatically be reflected in your Marketo account. 

Cvent’s out-of-the-box Marketo integration will allow users to generate leads and demand, build better relationships with prospects and customers, and drive sales value with more complete customer profiles, more conversions, and acceleration of the sales cycle.

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With the Cvent-Marketo integration, attendee behaviors are automatically captured in Marketo so that you can track the success of events hosted in Cvent and also make more informed decisions regarding your leads.  

You can

  • Build more complete customer profiles 
  • Integrate programs with Cvent events to track membership and success of leads for events hosted in the Cvent ecosystem, and also incorporate event data, such as event title or registration URLs, in Marketo emails 
  • Create campaigns that accelerate the sales cycle, increase conversions, and enhance existing customer relationships 
  • Send personalized registration links through Marketo emails to Marketo contacts and have the Cvent registration form pre-populated with contact information from the Marketo database 
  • Set up multiple configuration options within a single Cvent account or integrate with multiple Marketo accounts 
  • Import/export contact records in bulk between Cvent and Marketo   

The integration currently syncs over the following data points to Marketo: 

  • Contact Fields
  • Event Fields
  • Session Fields
  • Registration Questions 
  • Event and Session Feedback Survey Responses 
  • Invitee/Registration Details 

Data syncs from Cvent to Marketo in one of two ways: 

  • Activity-based data triggers for automatic data transfer 
    • A new contact is created or contact information is updated. 
    • Email status changes – Track when an email is sent, opened, or bounced, or when an invitee unsubscribes or opts out of emails. 
    • Event and session activity changes– Track website visits, registrations, regrets, cancellations, participation, and no-shows.
  • On-demand manual sync  

    You can also configure the integration to automatically take the following actions in Marketo: 

    • Create and update lead records 
    • Create and update custom object records
    • Add leads to lists, remove leads from lists
    • Request campaigns for leads 
    • Add leads to programs or remove leads from programs  

    Integration Guide Here

    Marketo LaunchPoint - Programs Integration

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