Curata Content Marketing Software for Marketo

By Curata, Inc.

Curata enables marketers to grow leads and revenue from content with a content marketing platform (calendar and analytics) and curation software.


Curata provides two software solutions that have helped 100s of companies over the past 9 years to grow leads and revenue with their content:  Curata CMP (content marketing platform) and Curata CCS (content curation software).

Curata CMP (content marketing platform) - Data-Driven Content Marketing at Scale

Curata CMP includes strategy, production (e.g., calendaring, workflow) and analytics modules that enable.

  • Insight

    • Track leads and opportunities generated and influenced for any type of content (e.g., gated, ungated and off-site content)

    • Inform decision making on what content to create and who to hire

    • Drill down on specific content to understand what worked and why

  • Alignment

    • Keep your team on the same page with a customizable editorial calendar

    • Include data-driven insights into your production process

    • Plan and execute content campaigns across contributors channels and timelines

  • Simplicity

    • Seamlessly integrate with your existing web analytics, marketing automation and CRM systems in <20 minutes (e.g., Google Analytics, Marketo,

    • Keep creating content without changing your existing process or having to learn another creation application.

Curata CCS (content curation software) - Fuel Your Content Marketing Engine

Easily find the content you are looking for, organize, and share it out to the channels you choose for your business.

With Curata CCS, you will:

  • Save time

  • Boost lead generation

  • Be a thought leader

  • Publish consistently

Find Relevant Content

The most relevant content delivered to you automatically, all in one place:

  • Hundreds of thousands of sources

  • Learns and dynamically adapts to your content preferences

  • Enables crowdsourcing from across your organization


Keep your content engine humming efficiently, in minutes, not hours:

  • Easily organize, annotate and create content to engage and inspire yourself and your audience

  • Self-learning recommendation engine suggests content and prioritizes by relevancy

  • Intelligently pre-populates the curated post


Publish and promote to all of your channels with one click:

  • Seamlessly integrate with CMS, Social Curation, email and marketing automation

  • Automatically post content even when you're not around

  • Define customized schedules, templates and publishing rules


Curata offers integration to Marketo for both of its content marketing software solutions:

CURATA CMP (content marketing platform)

Integrating Marketo with Curata CMP enables analytics that show your content marketing’s impact on the sales and marketing pipeline.  

This integration enables tracking of the leads touched and leads generated for any type of content. Marketo integration is also a prerequisite for Salesforce integration, which enables the tracking of opportunity pipeline generated & touched metrics, revenue influence, and detailed “drilldown” tracking of specifically which leads and opportunities were influenced.

The setup takes than less 10 minutes to enable. Contact [email protected] for additional details.

CURATA CCS (content curation software)

You can use Curata CCS to send curated content through Marketo. With the seamless integration, Curata can programmatically push your curated content into a Marketo email for delivery to your marketing leads database.

Some of the key benefits of this integration include:

  • Reduced costs. For high volume sends, rather than paying for both Curata’s and Marketo’s email delivery charges, you can instead deliver your emails solely through Marketo.
  • Complete Lead Activity Tracking. Record how leads are consuming curated content on your site and via newsletters.
  • Enhanced Lead Scoring. Increase a lead’s score if they open your curated email newsletter.
  • Unified Lead Database. Use Marketo to manage your lists versus managing two list databases across both Curata and Marketo. (i.e., avoid the hassles of list synchronization)
  • More Engaging Lead Nurturing. Improve your prospects’ engagement with lead nurturing campaigns by introducing curated content into your email content. Email newsletters with curated content tends to have higher open rates because the content is not egocentric and more informational in nature.

Contact [email protected] for additional details or see the Marketo Integration Setup Guide.

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