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Pitch Site

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Crushpath Pitch Site is a lead gen tool that helps sales reps get their own leads with custom pitches for unique audiences, situations and offerings.
Marketo Integrated
Main Features
  • Build custom site
  • Automatically generate leads
  • Filter and sort leads
  • Direct contact to customers

Crushpath’s lead generation product is centered on our powerful Pitch Site creator. It puts the power back into hands of salespeople who can build one Pitch Site for each of their offerings. A Pitch Site allows salespeople to tell their story in seconds and promote it across the web with a click. They zero in on a specific offering and speak directly to a given customer segment. 

Pitch Sites are SEO optimized and can be sent directly to prospects. They can be promoted on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Salespeople can see who looks at their Pitch Sites and track the qualified leads who express interest. All these new leads are captured in one, easy-to-use place within Crushpath. After getting new leads with the Pitch Site, salespeople can graduate these new, qualified leads into Crushpath Deal Manager.

Additional features include:
• Use photos, video, logos 
• Add messaging, testimonials
• Sleek design
• Promote it with a click 
• Mobile optimized 
• Lead capture 
• List management
• Salesforce integration
• Marketo & email integration