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CrowdVu is a B2B data platform for sales and marketing, providing access to over 3 million UK business contacts.
Main Features
  • Find highly relevant contacts
  • 100% validated contact data
  • Search on Social fields

Introducing CrowdVu

CrowdVu is the B2B data platform for marketing and sales, providing access to over 3 million UK business contacts that you can self-select on demand for your next marketing and sales campaigns.  

Search on traditional and social fields

CrowdVu’s contact data is matched to the social web so you can search for new contacts based on Social Segmentation, including Groups, Interests and Twitter hashtags; as well as the traditional ‘industry, job title and company size’ fields. With this information you can find contacts that are not definable by job title, increasing your total addressable market with contacts and opportunities you never knew existed.

Validation at point of export for increased data quality

CrowdVu has developed the unique Email Ping Test to ensure only accurate data is exported. Each contact that you export through CrowdVu has been Pinged to ensure the email address is still valid, reducing your hard bounce rates and maintaining your email sender reputation with Marketo. The Email Ping Test is also available through CrowdVu as a service to improve the quality of your existing marketing database.

Gain social information on your target audience

Know more about your target audience with appended social information so you can tailor your content to each marketing segment; improving the relevancy of your messages and increasing engagement and click through rates.

Search on specific location

Build a highly targeted campaign with contacts in a specific region using CrowdVu’s location filters that are linked to Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey.

Convert company website visitors to real B2B contacts

Getting website visitor alerts from Marketo, but not enough actionable information? With CrowdVu you can match website visitor company data to relevant B2B contacts to proactively engage those warm leads that have visited your website but haven’t yet enquired.