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Creative House - Personal Video

Creative House Group Ltd.  |  Applications
Maximize your lead engagement throughout the sales funnel by sending personalized videos based on Marketo data
Main Features
  • Personal video lead nurturing
  • Dynamic narration and text
  • Adjustable call to action
  • On any device

Guide your new leads to the next stage in the sales funnel by using personalized video.

By sending an email with a personal video which addresses your leads by name, mentions how you know them and suggests their next action, personal video can double click-through rates and even triple conversion rates.

Each lead will receive a personalized video with only the information relevant to them based on their field of interest and the desired next action you’d like them to take.

Encourage them to join your next webinar, to download your latest research or to send a question to one of your experts.

With our worldwide experience in personal video projects, we can build together with you, your own personal video templates and logic according to your lead nurturing process and brand guide.

Send relevant individual videos on a regular basis to as many leads as you want on any device.