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Take control and bring clarity to your Lead Generation with the only truly agnostic Lead Management platform on the market today.


Centralize your Lead Management with a platform that brings your clarity, control, and conversion on your campaigns.

With one platform to cleanse, automate and simplify your lead management process, Marketo users are able to fuel their campaigns with more actionable data and maximize the ROI from all your lead generation activities. 

Convertr accepts third-party data from any source (typically content syndication, events, form-fills, and list-buys). 

Then the platform gets to work cleansing, normalizing, formatting and validating that data for you, before injecting it into Marketo; ensuring prospect data is accurate and ready to convert immediately.


Start Validating Leads On-Form

Our forms proactively verify all incoming leads - building you a live firewall against any invalid, misspelt or missing data before it’s submitted.

Suppress Duplicate & Unwanted Leads

Keep campaigns streamlined with automatic suppression lists and de-duplication tools that check leads against your existing database.

Standardize Data for Automation

A vital feature for anyone using automation, this tool normalizes all data into one consistent format - ready for immediate processing.

GDPR & Global Compliance Tools

Specialized tools to maintain compliance at a global scale. Including PII data-masking, opt-in, Subject Access Request and Secure Data Transfer.

Host your Own Content Library

An all-in-one solution to host, monitor and optimize your own content.

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Getting set-up with a Convertr integration to your database is easy. Convertr comes with a direct API integration to Marketo, enabling the seamless passing of lead data and insights from Convertr into Marketo.

You also have the freedom to send your leads into Static Lists or Smart Lists: so every time Convertr identifies a change in your lead data or valuable new insight, your records automatically update and keep your marketing activities accurate.  

The end result is a two-way connection that ensures data integrity from the start of your lead journey - and a more productive lead generation process which does all the hard work for you.

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Having worked with Convertr since the inception of their B2B product, they have become an invaluable cog in our lead-gen process ensuring higher quality and better-qualified leads for our clients.
Rupert Denny - Director, Mediacom Business & Tech