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Conversica uses artificial intelligence to engage leads & interpret responses, so you can identify hot leads more quickly & improve lead hand-off.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Follow-up with all leads
  • Identify the best leads
  • Complements lead scoring
  • Interpret lead intent
Which leads are ready for Sales? Predict...or just ask
  • Which leads should you nurture over time, and which should be handed to sales right now?
  • How do you prioritize hundreds of leads when you have very little information?
  • How do you find the hidden gems in your low-scoring leads that are truly ready to talk with sales?

You can predict based on behavior, demographics and predictive scoring, or you can just ask with Conversica. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), Conversica is the only automated software solution that engages leads via personal, natural email conversations to qualify leads and alert sales.

Put a human touch in your automation

While content marketing and nurturing is important for education and building awareness, there's a place for personal outreach to quickly determine who's ready to speak to sales. Conversica interprets context and tone, and sends simple messages to leads that elicit genuine responses.

Imagine receiving an email like this: “I saw you stopped by our booth at ExpoCon. Did you get all the information you needed? Would you like to speak with Mike in sales?”

The lead responds, and the conversation continues, revealing level of interest, contact phone number, best time to call and details about purchasing timeframe.

Get objective lead qualification with no human intervention

A custom persona nurtures leads from interest to MQL via natural, two-way email exchanges. We interpret email responses and take appropriate follow-up action, including updating the Marketo lead record, and when appropriate, alerting sales.

Integrate seamlessly with Marketo

Conversica integrates easily with Marketo with out-of-the-box APIs. Here's how it works:

  • Using your criteria and triggers, add leads to a Marketo list you've associated with a Conversica conversation.
  • Leads from that list are automatically sent to Conversica and the conversation begins.
  • Conversica updates conversation status back to the Marketo lead record so you can score, alert or take other action.
  • The full back-and-forth email conversation with each lead is available in the Marketo lead record, in Conversica's dashboard, in optional email alerts and in your CRM system (we're also integrated directly to
About Conversica

Founded in 2007, Conversica is a portfolio company of Kennet Partners and is headquartered in Foster City, California. To learn more, call (888) 778-1004, visit or contact

Marketo Integration

Conversica integrates easily with Marketo using the REST and SOAP APIs. After connecting the two applications and creating a handful of custom fields in Marketo, you'll be ready to pass leads to Conversica for automated engagement and qualification.

Status updates and full details of email conversations with leads are passed back to Marketo for follow-on activities, reporting and alerts.

Use the Conversica Marketo Setup Guide to review the steps required. Then, contact Conversica to start your subscription and for installation and setup support.