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Contentools is a content marketing platform. An environment for teams to collaborate and automate on content for all phases of customers lifecycle.
Main Features
  • Custom Workflow
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Strategy Builder
  • In-app-editor

Keep Your Team Aligned

Marketers with a documented content marketing strategy get better results from their content marketing. Keeping strategic documents accessible is key to maintain everyone on the same page.

CMPs help marketers keep strategic documents centralizedupdated and easily accessible to everyone involved in the content production.

Scale Content Production

Companies that publish 16+ blog posts/ month get almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0-4. More content equals more documents, media, files: content-chaos.

CMPs help marketers efficiently manage all their content in one place, seamlessly scaling content production.

Simplify Your Process

Marketers use on average 16 different tools to manage their content marketing teams. Switching from one tool to the other often results in loss of information, efficiency and performance.

CMPs let marketers centralize and streamline collaboration, increasing efficiency and output quality.