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Interactive Content, AI-Driven Reactions and Power

Without the proper tools in place, content marketers can often experience low engagement on their web content, high page abandonment rates which results in low conversions. With siloed processes, stale and incomplete data, content marketers lack the insights and analytics they need to fully understand their audience's content experience.

Ion Interactive provides content marketers with the tools to produce interactive content experiences for increased engagement and advanced profile indicators to improve and personalize their audience's experience. By Leveraging Reactful's AI-driven messaging, reactions, notifications and other visual elements, the content marketer can expect a higher level of engagement on their campaigns. Finally, Ringlead's actionable Sales and Marketing intelligence insights allows for marketers to automate the quality of data that flows into Marketo.

This Engagement Story provides content marketers with more insight into the interests, intention and challenge of their potential customers. AI detects and predicts the visitor's intentions and knows exactly when and how to win them over. With the right analytics and data, the content marketer can improve and scale their content strategy.

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