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Seamless integration of SharePoint and Marketo. Synchronize contacts, calendar, tasks and documents. All the entities are supported.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • all entities supported
  • fast and easy to learn
  • cost efficient
  • connect more than 2 systems

Integrate SharePoint and Marketo with Connect Bridge. Connect Bridge allows for integration, synchronization and migration of data, documents and processes. The integration is live and bi- directional. You can adapt the SharePoint - Marketo integration to your company's specific needs by choosing which data and documents to synchronize. Connect Bridge lets you integrate more than 2 software. If your company uses a CRM or ERP on top of SharePoint and Marketo, you can connect that data and documents in a single integration. 

Organize information, people and projects. Synchronize contact details and lists. Manage your marketing campaigns and tasks in SharePoint. You can plan and collaborate with your colleagues on building new marketing campaigns. Keep the team informed and visualize the results of your marketing campaigns from Marketo in SharePoint. Stay on top of your appointments and tasks by synchronizing calendars. Synchronize seamlessly multiple documents and landing pages. 

  • Live and bi- directional integration
  • Fast and easy to learn
  • Automize the processes
  • Centralize process management 
  • Learn within 2 hours

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Marketo Integration

Integration of SharePoint and Marketo lets you organize the processes, documents and people from one dashboard, SharePoint. Centralizing document and process management gives you better overview of your marketing activities. Tighten the internal communication and inform other employees of the results achieved by the marketing team in the SharePoint. Store all your documents at one place, in SharePoint.  

Synchronize contact lists. Keep your clients database updated and stored at a central storage. Grant your sales team access to the customer database and the data collected by Marketo to help them personalize their communication with the prospects.   

Synchronize calendars and tasks and organize your marketing activities. All updates in Marketo calendar will be reflected in SharePoint and vice versa.   

Integrate Marketo with customized third party SharePoint solutions, such as integrations of CRM within SharePoint.

Entities you can synchronize:

  • Contact lists
  • Attachments, documents
  • Tasks and Calendar