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Seamless bi- directional integration of Gmail and Marketo. Synchronize contacts, emails, attachments, calendar, tasks.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • sync contacts, emails
  • easy and fast to learn
  • cost efficient
  • connect more than 2 systems

Integrate Gmail and Marketo with Connect Bridge. Connect Bridge is a platform for integration, synchronization and migration of data, documents and processes. The integration is live and bi-directional. All the entities are supported to make the Gmail - Marketo integration adapted to your company's individual needs. 

Save time and effort and automize the processes. Synchronize the contact details. Synchronize emails and attachments from Gmail to Marketo. Let your marketing team create targeted campaigns by having access to customers' requests by email. Synchronize calendars and tasks between your Gmail and Marketo.    

  • Seamless bi- directional integration
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Build strong relationships with your customers
  • Learn within 2 hours

Connect Bridge allows you to synchronize more than 2 systems. For example, for aligning your sales and marketing, synchronize Gmail, Marketo and your CRM. 

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Marketo Integration

Integration scenarios of Gmail and Marketo include synchronization of contact details. Create a new lead in Marketo and have the contact details saved automatically in Exchange and vice versa.

Synchronize emails. Allow synchronization of multiple attachments. Together with emails, have access to the attachments from Gmail as well as Marketo.  

Synchronize your calendars. Stay on top of your scheduled activities. Synchronize your appointments, meetings, scheduled campaigns and events.    

Entities you can synchronize:

  • Contact details
  • Calendar, Meetings, Tasks
  • Emails
  • Attachments and all others